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On a run through the forest, a Man makes a strange discovery.

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That's a wrap!

March 27th, 2021

Jack wraps up on shooting and moves into post-production! New poster released. Behind the scenes photos to come...


The Cast


Matteo has been involved in theatre during childhood and fell in love with stand-up comedy following high school. He has been making people laugh ever since. While Matteo has acted in student films, this is his first starring role.

Matteo De Vincenzo


Charlotte is an experienced and imaginative writer with a passion for film. She studied at the University of Western Ontario and earned a B.A. of Arts and Humanities. Charlotte majored in English literature and minored in psychology. She currently works as a freelance writer, and has worked both behind and in front of the camera on the short film Jack.

Charlotte Azzaro


Alex is a director, writer, and actor who's recently appeared on an episode of Oxygen Network's An Unexpected Killer (2021) and on a commercial for the iCall app. This is his first self-produced film and is loosely inspired by an original live theatre piece. He is very excited about his secret cameo.

Alexander Canaran

WWP high res.jpg

A Short Film by Waking World Productions

Starring Matteo De Vincenzo and Charlotte Azarro

Written, Directed, and Produced by

Alexander Canaran



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