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Alexander Canaran

Actor | Director | Photographer | Video Designer

CEO & Founder of Waking World Productions

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Through the creation of visually and psychologically engaging media, or through the embodiment of a character, I seek to explore our place in society in compelling and truthful ways. By navigating the realities, frailties, and ironies of the human condition, I strive to tell stories that are majorly character-driven, and explore complex moral concepts & dilemmas affecting both widespread and niche populations. And being proudly Canadian, my filmmaking explores our national identity through snapshots of our culture’s music, people, and scenery.  


I have a diverse set of abilities both in front and behind the camera with influences from a variety of different cultures, styles, ideologies, and even spiritualities. Like many creators, I hope to explore the questions of humanity from as many perspectives as I can.  

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About Alex

A diversely talented Performer, Creator, and Human Being.

I grew up in small St Thomas, Ontario, where I discovered a passion for performance on the stage by the time I hit elementary school, and since have branched out into writing and directing. By high school, I even had my first play Sunshine (2009) chosen to be staged, and eventually directed others including David Ive's Foreplay, or The Art of Fugue (2010)

Even from childhood, my interest in film and aptitude in photography led me to professional portrait and event photography through high school. And, while I continued my studies in performance, I broadened my skill behind the camera, capturing ethereal moments with my unique style and care to lighting, balance, and focus. My guilty pleasure in landscape photography stems from a deep appreciation for nature and travel.

This led me to eventually attend Theatre school where I developed my passion for acting, directing, storytelling, and finding ways to integrate drama and technology. I was also fortunate to direct again including Eric Bogosian's Bitter Sauce (2013) and be the sound/video designer for a collaborative production called Fragmentos (2014) where I won an award for my creative use of video projections. Some of my larger theatre acting credits include ‘Sebastian’ in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Or What You Will (2013), ‘Lurvey’ in Charlotte’s Web (2009), and the male-lead in an independently written student production entitled Runner (2011).  I also gained my first film credit in a TV Pilot for a project called Sparks (2010).

While I still have a tremendous passion for theatre and live performance, since University I've begun my venture into the Film & Television world, studying at the Toronto Film Academy, appearing as 'Dracula' in the upcoming docu-drama Gothic Forensics (2020), 'Rogelio' in the second season of OXYGEN Network's An Unexpected Killer (2021), a number of short films including Kings (2019), Dire Straits (2020), and Stoned Cold Killers (2020), and a background performer in Apple TV’s hit television series See (2020) starring Jason Mamoa. I'm also cast in my first feature film Through The Fire (2022) which is scheduled to shoot in the U.S. later this year. 

My passion for storytelling and eagerness to work behind the camera led me to the creation of Waking World Productions in 2014, where I began with creative videos for live performance, as well as videography for large events and concerts working with a number of bands and musicians, including SierraSkullfist, Anvil, Bobnoxious, and even Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea. Since then my vision has fuelled my passion for performance and the camera, and I've worked to create promotional content for a variety of clients.

Currently, I live in London, ON where I just finished shooting my first self-produced horror-comedy film short, Jack (2021) where I have a cameo as 'the Creature' (spoiler). I'm currently in development for two other projects, a web-series called How to be Humanand a full-length feature film (i)F.

Outside of acting and the camera, I have a diverse professional background in sales, customer service, and restaurants as a server and more recently a bartender with a flair for mixology. 

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My Services

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My passion for acting began on the stage as a child, and I eventually attended theatre school at Brock University, concentrating in Performance (2014).  Following graduation, I further pursued my Film & Television experience while attending extensive training in-class and in online workshops. I've been performing for almost 20 years. 

I have diverse experience in a variety of Theatre, Film, and TV, Background, and Voice-Over. If you are interested in me for your next production, contact me today!

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Film Producing

Need to capture your biggest moments on film, spice up your event with customized visual effects, a diligent & detail-oriented editor, or just an extra hand? Perhaps you have something a little more creative in mind?

Whatever your need, my own company Waking World Productions, offers outstanding Video Production service to clients at a very reasonable rate. We understand that this type of work is a necessity for those just starting in the professional world, so we make sure it’s available at a price that makes sense. Since every situation is different, contact us now for a personalized quote!


Shooting Nature and Live Events are of a particular specialty to me, and a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of my photography experience and professionalism. My aim to capture the atmosphere of each location, since great quality photos help make these more memorable. If you’re interested in hiring me for this service, please get in touch today.



With a diverse portfolio of Acting, Writing, Directing, and Film Production that spans over two decades, a range of expertise and commitment to storytelling influence my every move.
My mission is to create a provocative & stimulating visual journey through inspirational content that explores the frailties and ironies of the life of the individual, and society.

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