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Waking World Productions

Created & Operated

by Alexander Canaran

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A Letter From Alex

Creator, Founder, CEO

My passion for the camera and performance-based storytelling is rooted deep in my childhood. While my first summer job was in photography, I discovered the stage as a small child, eventually leading me to attend Dramatic Arts university where I majored in Performance, but diversified my artistic vision to include Directing, Collaborative Production, Writing, and eventually my love for creation in Filmmaking.

While I have taken new steps to not just perform in stories but to learn to create them, I continue to pursue my own passion in performance, expanding from the stage to screen both in education and credentials, as well as expand my entrepreneurial horizons and already eclectic skill set. Outside of my creative pursuits, I have experience in a wide variety of businesses, including technology, insurance, sales, customer service, restaurants, management, and design.

My diverse set of abilities, passion for filmmaking, photography, design, and storytelling, and a desire to integrate drama and technology led to the creation of Waking World Productions in 2014. What started as freelance videography and creative event visuals, evolved into my mission to create provocative & visually stimulating content, and engaging stories that are professionally edited with the utmost care, technically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Waking World Productions: About

My Mission

Through the creation of visually and psychologically engaging media, I seek to explore our place in society in compelling and truthful ways. By navigating the realities, frailties, and ironies of the human condition, I strive to tell stories that are majorly character-driven, and explore complex moral concepts & dilemmas affecting both widespread and niche populations. And being proudly Canadian, my filmmaking explores our national identity through snapshots of our culture’s music, people, and scenery.

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Recent & Upcoming Work

Check out what Waking World is up to recently, or download Alex's full CV below.

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**Now Playing**
October 2021

'Jack' Short Film

"On a run through the forest, a Man makes a strange discovery"

A Waking World Production

Writer, Director, Producer

London, ON

**New Release**
June 2021

'The Intense Vibrations' Lyric Video

In association with The Vth Circle

Designer, Editor, Producer

Vancouver, ON

**New Release**
June 2021

'Bleed To Death' Lyric Video

In association with Death Perception

Designer, Editor, Producer

Hamilton, ON

**in Pre-Production**

'(i)F' Feature Film

"In a not-so-futuristic police state, a slacker is forced into responsibility for his unstable older brother. Desperate for some peace, the family heads to an ashram in the Canadian back-country run by a strange and prophetic leader with a dark secret."

A Waking World Production

Creator, Director

**in Pre-Production**

'How To Be Human' Web-Series

"Threatened with termination (in more ways than one), two rivaled and under-achieving aliens are tasked with creating a Video Travel Guide for blending in on the biggest 'shit-hole' planet in the solar system – Earth."

A Waking World Production

Creator, Director

August 2020

'Teleportation Door' YouTube Prank

In association with EvenOut Productions

Director, Assistant Camera

London, ON

November 2019 - February 2020

'Red Lion Room' Series

In association with The Red Lion Room Dining Lounge

Photographer, Media Manager, Graphic Designer

Stratford, ON

June 2019 - January 2020

'Handle Bars Bartending' Series

In association with Handle Bars Bartending Service

Videographer, Editor, Graphic & Web Designer, Media Manager

Mt. Brydges, ON

July 2019

'Machu Pichu' Music Video

In association with Low Orbit

Designer, Editor, Producer

Toronto, ON


'Afterglow' Concert Series

In association with Mapping The Mind

Live Video Mixing, Projection Installations

Toronto, ON


'Broke Man Records' Concert Series

In association with Broke Man Records

Lead Designer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Projection Installations, Live Video Mixing, Media Management 

Hamilton, ON

Waking World Productions: CV

Service & Expertise

For all your creative needs

Video Camera
Editing & Post Production
WWP high res.jpg


Capturing your biggest momments


Filling the Frame with Wonder

Video Editing

Always edited with Professionalism and Care. Have confidence in your Final Cut.


Provocative, engaging and inspirational, WWP seeks to create film and media that explores the frailties and ironies of the life of the individual, and society.’

Image by Yvette de Wit
Web Design
Colorful Business Cards
Image by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlba

Video Effects & Installations

Incredible Visual FX for your next event!

Web Design

Like what you see? Let Waking World design a website for you!

Business Cards

Perfectly Executed with  Your Design and Logo in mind!

Media Management, Administrative Assistance, or Creative Partnership

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