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Alexander Canaran

A Diverse Performer for Screen or Stage

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My passion for acting began on the stage as a child, and I eventually attended theatre school at Brock University, concentrating in Performance (2014).  Following graduation, I further pursued my Film & Television experience while attending classes at Toronto Film Academy, and countless in-class and online workshops. I've been performing for almost 20 years. 
I have diverse experience in a variety of Theatre, Film, and TV, Background, and Voice-Over. If you are interested in me for your next production, contact me today!

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Through the embodiment of a character, I seek to explore our place in society in compelling and truthful ways. By navigating the realities, frailties, and ironies of the human condition, I strive to tell stories that are majorly character-driven, and explore complex moral concepts & dilemmas affecting both widespread and niche populations.

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